Full Container Load (FCL) : The Basics

Full Container Load (FCL) : The Basics

A Full Container Load (FCL) is one of the many sea cargo services in Abu Dhabi that allow a sender to use a certain container exclusively for his items.  It is best utilized for bulk or heavy items that could fill or even half of a 20-foot to 40-foot container or an 18-cubic meter load.


Common Benefits of Availing Full Container Load

FCL offers optimum level of security to cargos, making it the best option for expensive items (e.g. gemstones, watches, designer bags, etc.) and fragile goods. Compared to less than container load, FCL arrives faster to the receiver since does not demand time for consolidation of items and other heavy operations-related tasks.

Full Container Load Sizes

In most Asian countries, the usual sizes of cargo vans are 20 standard (20’ x 8’ x 8.6”), 40 feet standard (40’ x 8’ x 8.6”), 40 high cube (40’ x 8’ x 9.6”), and 45 high cube (45’ x 8’ x 9.6”). Several refrigerated cargo vans have bigger dimensions than dry and normal types of containers.

On the other hand, there are wider and lengthier container vans in Western countries. The usual sizes include 16.16 meters, 14.63 meters, and 13.72 meters. These kinds of containers are often used for trails and heavy deliveries. Other unique, six-meter types of a container are the flat rack, heavy tested, and open top containers. They are normally used for heavy machine deliveries and are shipped via sea and roads.

How Does Full Container Load Work?

FCL works in various ways depending on the FCL service that you would avail. Freight forwarding companies usually offer door to door services, port to door, port to port and door to port options. Each of these solutions has various turnaround time and rates.

For the door to door option of FCL, the service starts at bringing a container van to the client. The shipper normally has less than 8 hours to fill the container van with cargo or goods. After that, the container van will be transported to the nearest pier or airport using a truck. Once the container van has reached the port of destination, the FCL will be delivered straight to the declared delivery address of the consignee. The number of days before arrival depends on the proximity of origin to the destination.

FCL is widely availed by businesses, regardless of size and market share, because it provides higher weight limitation, it is more affordable and has more space compared to other cargo options. Freight forwarding companies like Perfect Cargo Services offer different types of cargo solutions and logistics services. Visit their website to avail their services.