Car Battery Maintenance You Need To Do

Car Battery Maintenance You Need To Do

Your car battery is essential in starting your engine. The electrical power it provides make the car work and run efficiently. Which is why proper car battery maintenance should be done to ensure that your car battery can serve you well.

If you are a newbie car owner, here are some tips to maintain your car’s power source:

  • Inspect your car battery’s water regularly


If you have a wet-cell car battery, it would be best to check the water level at least every 2-3 months. The reason for this is because the water evaporates quickly and drying our might harm your car battery as well as your car engine. You have to be very careful when checking your car battery. First is you need to locate where the battery is. First-time car owners might get a little confused on the location of the car battery. Most car battery can be easily found by opening the hood of the car, but there are car manufacturers who placed the battery behind the rear seat or lower in the engine compartment.


Once you located the battery, pull up the fill caps to see the water and fluid level. The acceptable water level is it should touch the bottom on the refill hole. If the water is low, refill it with distilled water.


  • Make sure the terminals are clean


Battery terminals refer to the electrical contacts that connects that charger to a cell. This part of the battery is often corroded or dirty due to grime and filth. Once the dirt build up on the terminals, it can affect the charging of your car. Be sure to clean them every 6 to 8 months tops with a wire brush. Clean the terminal using a wire brush and grease them to prevent rusting and corrosion. If the terminals are corroded and beyond cleaning, it would be best to place your entire battery.


Contact an expert in car battery replacement in Abu Dhabi to check if your battery terminal is still good for car use.

  • Do not forget the voltage


If you don’t have an idea on how to check the voltage, it would be best to get a car mechanic to check your battery’s voltage as they have the equipment and expertise. A full charged battery have a 12.5 to 12.6 volts.


  • Maintain regular car upkeep


High temperatures can gravely affect the performance of your car battery so be sure to keep this in check when you are doing a car maintenance, including the battery insulator which is keeping your battery at normal temperature.


Also, if the battery is too corroded or not charging, it would be best to change them to prevent further car issues. Ask for the help of an expert in car battery replacement in Sharjah.